Robin… Wood

My name is Josh, I’m 21 years old, and I am from Preston, which is in the north of England. I have two older brothers, one younger brother and no sisters. In my spare time I like swimming, cycling and reading books. I have been acting since I was 11 years old and have been in many different shows. I have recently graduated from Bath Spa University, and since then I have been in a comedy show called ‘Seeing What Sticks’, a play called ‘Normal’, and a pantomime called ‘The Secret Princess’.

Phoenix was born in Canada and has been a professional actor since 2000. She was born into an acting family; both her parents are professional actors. She has starred in countless equity musicals including Wizard of OZ, CATS, Narnia, Oliver and many more Phoenix has also worked with Canadian film and TV, appearing in commercials and short films. Phoenix has a large puppeteering background as she was Tinkerbell’s puppeteer in Peter Pan in Niagara Falls and has traveled across North America with a professional black light puppeteering company.(Illuminations). Phoenix then went to acting school in Toronto Canada in 2014, then moved to England after graduation. Since moving to England she has continued working with film and stage and is very excited to be in Italy working with Smile.

Ruby is an English actress who recently graduated from university with a degree in musical theatre. Since then she has performed in an immersive production of the musical Rent and she also performed at the Edinburgh fringe festival. When in England, Ruby lives in London with her best friend. Her family live in the countryside near Oxford. She has no pets but would love to own a dog! Italy is one of Ruby’s favourite countries so she is excited to be able to tour with Robin Wood.

Samuel is an English actor who studied Theatre and Performance Practices at university in Media City, Salford and graduated in 2017. At University he studied many different forms of theatre and his final piece was in the style of Commedia delle’arte where he played Antonio Berrardi and Gianni Agnelli in Dario Fo’s Trumpets and Raspberries. He also developed with peers, his own theatre company which explored gender diversity and worked closely with primary schools in the local area. Samuel has been singing and acting in the theatre since a young age and has also worked professionally in TV and film. He is also passionate about music and has been playing the piano from a very young age. He currently lives in Manchester, England.

Hocus Pocus

Hello, my name is Alexandra but my friends call me Alex. I am 22 years old, soon to be 23 on February 14th (Valentine’s Day). I have two sisters, Frankie and Gaby, one older and one younger so I’m in the middle. I grew up in Cambridge but I now live in London with my friends and we have just gotten a kitten called Imogen. We also have two rabbits called Albert and Nala. I studied acting at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, also known as ALRA, in London for 3 years. At drama school I played many different characters. I also learnt about Shakespeare and I played Diana in All’s Well That Ends Well. I also got the chance to go see many Shakespeare plays at The Globe theatre in London. Studying at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts gave me the opportunity to also learn acting for camera. I had a lot of fun at ALRA and learnt a lot.

Hello, my name is Dale, I am 23 years old and I am from Scotland in the United Kingdom. I studied acting for 4 years in Edinburgh and I have been working professionally ever since. I love to sing songs and my favourite musical is called Rent. I have performed in several plays across Scotland and I have just returned from Dubai where I lived for 3 months. I was doing a show called Pinocchio and it was a lot of fun. In Scotland, I live with my mother and step-father and I also have an older sister called Cara and a lovely dog called Harley. In my spare time I enjoy playing with friends, visiting new places and eating food. I am enjoying working with Smile Theatre Company and I love playing the different characters in Hocus Pocus.

Hello my name is Lucy and I am 21 years old. My mum is English and my dad is Scottish so I come from England and Scotland. I love Scotland – the scenery there is so beautiful and a lot of my family live there so I like to visit them. I have three sisters and one brother and I am the youngest. One of my sisters lives in Australia so I don’t get to see her very often. I love animals, I have a black and white cat called Charlie – he is so cute! I also love to play sports like hockey, football and cricket. I play hockey for a team in London. We have to get up very early in the morning for matches and in winter we sometimes play in the rain and the snow! From the ages of 18 – 21, I studied in London at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts on the three year Actor Musician course. I made lots of friends there and learnt all about acting, music, dancing and singing. I love music and playing my instruments. I play the saxophone, recorder, guitar, flute, bass and drums and I play in a band called The Dawsons with my friends. When I was studying acting, I played lots of different characters and got to explore lots of types of theatre and acting. Last May I was in a production of ‘Made in Dagenham’. It’s a musical about a group of women who work in a car factory and are fighting to get equal pay with the men. It was a lot of fun and I loved playing all the music and singing all the songs. I have never been to Italy before so I am excited to explore all the beautiful places!

My favourite thing to do in my spare time is play and watch football with my friends. I am a Manchester United fan and love to go to Old Trafford stadium to watch them play. I have acted professionally in plays all over the world and performed in Shakespeare plays, modern plays and even some films. What I love most about acting is meeting lots of new people and having fun entertaining other people.

Robin… Wood / Hocus Pocus

Hello my name is Ceirios, I am 25 years old. Ceirios is a Welsh name and in the English language it means Cherry. I am an Actress and Singer from a small village called Nantgaredig in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. I live with my parents and my younger Sister Gwen, she is a professional Chef. Wales is very beautiful Country and it was a fantastic place to grow up. When I was 18 I moved to London to study Musical Theatre at the London College of Music. After 3 years of studying I Graduated in the Summer of 2015 with a First Class Honours Degree. After Leaving London I have been fortunate enough to perform several play’s with a theatre in education company. I have worked as an Entertainment Host on board a mini cruise company, travelling the World. Before Moving to Italy I was in a touring pantomime around London of Jack and the beanstalk, I played the Character Jack. I am very much looking forward to perform around Italy with both Robin…Wood and Hocus Pocus. I hope all the schools enjoy it to.

My name is Dean. I am 23 years old and I am from Northern Ireland. I lived by the sea and there are a lot of beautiful sights To see! When I was 21 I studied acting at Bath Spa from 2015-2018. I moved to London and I am currently living there. I have one sister who is 21 and I have a pet dog called Kally as well as two cats called Misty and Norman. I love acting and being on stage. Playing different characters is a lot of fun and performing it to large audiences. In my spare time I love hiking, camping, climbing and mountain boarding in the mountains! I am really looking forward to be working with SMILE and seeing lots of Italy and learning a new language.

Hello, my name is Raydun. I am 22 years old. I live in Edinburgh, a city in Scotland. It is an old city and has a beautiful castle. It is the capital of Scotland. Scotland is a country in the north of the United Kingdom, above England. I like gnocchi and pizza in Italy, and I also like sushi. I love to eat fruit as well. After work, I like to do yoga or running, and I watch TV in the evening. I also enjoy cooking. I have a cat. Her name is Pucca and she is 10 years old. Her fur is black and she likes to run outside. I work as an actor. I went to university to study acting. I made lots of friends there and it was fun to study. After studying, I have been working professionally as an actor. I worked at a theatre festival in Edinburgh. It was a play called “Antigone”. I was also in a play called “Jack and the Beanstalk” where I played a fairy called Carey. This was at Christmas. I am very excited to work with SMILE and to see the beautiful country Italy!

Robert was born in Ireland and lived there until he was 18 years old. When he finished secondary school, he moved to London to study art at Central saint martins. After that, he studied acting at Drama centre London. Robert loves music and art. He plays the piano, sings and also paints. In his free time he enjoys spending time with friends, going to concerts, museums and art galleries. Robert enjoys playing tennis and swimming. He is very excited to work with Smile and he is looking forward to exploring Italy.


Je m’appelle Nin-Gal.J’ai 23 ans. Je suis née et j’habite à Paris. Je parle plusieurs langues. J’adore voyager, l’Art, les animaux et cuisiner. J’ai commencé à faire du Théâtre très jeune et je fais aussi de la danse depuis plusieurs années. J’ai travaillée avec des compagnies françaises et espagnoles. Je suis diplômée du DAMS de Bologne. Je me suis formée en faisant beaucoup de stages et de workshops en France, Italie, en Belgique, en Allemagne, en Israël… J’aime beaucoup courir, nager et danser.

Je m’appelle Victoire. Je suis née à Dole dans l’est de la France. J’ai 29 ans. J’ai 3 grandes sœurs. Je suis partie à Paris à l’âge de 18 ans pour faire du Théâtre et je vis en colocations avec mes 3 meilleures amies. Je fais de la musique depuis l’âge de 8 ans, du piano, de la guitare, et des percussions. J’aurai pu être soliste professionnelle mais j’ai préféré me tourner vers le théâtre . Cette année, j’ai tourné dans un clip pour la coupe du monde de 2018.

En perpétuelle recherche d’une poésie forte, et d’un sensible palpable, il oriente son travail dans une dynamique de vraisemblance. Il se forme au théâtre très tôt, au contact de la compagnie Roland Furieux, Laetitia Pitz, Agnès Guignard, Daniel Proia… Mais aussi avec la rencontre de Nadège Coste, à l’université de Lorraine et des auteurs – metteurs en scène : Calin Blaga/ Thibault Fayner/Jean-Marie Clairambault. En 2011, il est à l’origine de la création de la Cie Belladonna et en assume la direction artistique, il poursuit sa formation d’acteur par le biais de temps forts et de stages professionnels ; un temps aux Cours Florent, notamment avec Frédéric Haddou, en stage sous la direction de Jean-Michel Rabeux, sur l’intériorité et extériorité dans le jeu de l’acteur, à l’école Auvray-Naurroy, sous la direction de ce dernier et d’Eram Sobhani. Actuellement, à l’école supérieur d’art dramatique de la ville de Paris, pour la validation du diplôme d’état de Professeur de théâtre. En parallèle, il collabore avec d’autres compagnies lorraines «Compagnie Le Tourbillon », « Compagnie ENZ »… En 2015, préoccupé par un certain état du monde, il rejoint le « Collectif du 20 janvier » dés sa création et milite depuis pour la préservation de la création artistique.

El Circo

Me llamo Cristina y tengo 26 años. Soy de Almería, es una pequeña ciudad de la costa de Andalucía. Mis padres son dentistas, tengo una hermana mayor de 28 años que se llama Raquel, ella también es dentista. Yo soy la artista de la familia, desde pequeña empecé a bailar y a hacer teatro. Viví cinco años en Sevilla, es mi ciudad favorita, allí estudié Arte Dramático para convertirme en actriz. Ahora vivo en Madrid donde trabajo en teatro y televisión, comparto piso con dos amigas que se llaman Rocío y Clara, soy muy feliz con ellas. Tengo un perro que se llama José Luis y lo adoro. Me encantan los animales, la playa y viajar. También me gusta cantar, bailar y tocar el ukelele. Mi color favorito es el azul porque me recuerda al mar y al verano. Mi sueño es recorrer el mundo actuando en teatros de distintas ciudades y países. El año pasado trabajé en Italia con Smile, me gustó tanto la experiencia que he decidido repetirla otra vez.

Me llamo Lucrecia y tengo 28 años. Soy la pequeña de una familia de 5 hermanos. Me encanta pasar tiempo con ellos, nos cuidamos mucho y son muy divertidos. Se llaman Jose, Fede, Lucía y Marina. Estudié interpretación en escuelas de Valladolid, Bratislava, San Petersburgo y Madrid. Me encanta viajar y estudiar, y si puedo hacer las dos cosas juntas es maravilloso. Empecé a hacer teatro a los 11 años, con un grupo en el que encontré a mis mejores amigos. Me gusta mucho cantar, formo parte de un coro. Y uno de mis sueños es poner voz a los dibujos animados como actriz de doblaje. Soy voluntaria en una protectora de animales y tengo cuatro perros: Cani, Nuca, doña Fina y doña Encarni. Siempre que puedo colaboro con el cuidado del medio ambiente y los animales. En mi tiempo libre, aprendo a jugar al rugby y voy al cine.

Hola, mi nombre es Sergio. Yo naci en Murcia pero ahora vivo en Madrid. Estudie Arte Dramatico en Murcia y tengo 29 años. Mis aficiones son la esgrima y montar a caballo. Me gusta mucho leer, ir al cine y al teatro y Soy un enamorado de mi profesion..


Lauren is from North Wales, in the United Kingdom, she is 25 years old and loves chocolate, running, fruit and exploring the world. Lauren trained at the Hammond School of Dance as a Musical Theatre student and has recently graduated from Guildford school of Acting with a BA horns in theatre. After graduating, Lauren went straight into working across the Canaries and later the Mediterranean as part of two 6 month contracts with PEEL Talent as a Singer/Dancer on the Thomson Majesty. Shows whilst on board covered many genres from rock & pop to musical theatre, featuring material from Les Mis, Oliver! Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (amongst others.) Lauren has lots of experience as a Singer, Dancer, actor and Choreographer and has performed across the U.K. in well known venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Shaw Theatre in London’s West-End and The Lowry, in a number of concerts including ‘The Band that Jack Built’ and ‘Spring Awakening’. T.V credits include Blue Murder, Waterloo Road, Got To Dance and the short-film Out in the Darkness directed by Emma Lucia. Lauren is engaged and passionate about all forms of drama and looks forward to helping students develop their English in drama.

Hi! My name is Camilia. I currently live in London, I’m 23 years old and I have one brother called Adam and one sister called Louisa. My favorite colour is green and my favourite animals are dogs. I’m originally from France in Clermont Ferrand but moved to Cambridge in England when I was young. I’m a professional Actress and just finished my training at drama school in London. I love acting and I hope you will too! In my opinion theatre is a wonderful way to tell stories, remain curious and be creative. I can’t wait to get to know you all and work with you during the smile and drama week. See you all very soon 🙂